Vidmate APK downloader

Getting to watch the favourite videos of the favourite songs and movies have become easy and also a great pastime these days. In fact, it is a global and worldwide pastime. There is nothing like catching up on some old hits of Raj Kapoor for the nostalgic Indian movie buff. For the American, it will be the Elvis Presley hits. There are other interesting things like new clippings, political and economic debates, reality shows programs, tips on preparing for interviews and tests so on and so forth. The topics of interest can be anything.

The technology of today has made it possible to download all such favourite videos from the different websites to the mobile phone of the user. The Vidmate is one such and very popular and highly useful through which videos can be downloaded and watched later in an offline mode. This APK app is site agnostic and the videos can be taken from the different sites. It is not just YouTube unlike many of the competitor apps.

The Vidmate APK downloader app is a true delight for the user at all times. It has many easy to use but yet power packed features. It is an absolutely free app and there are no charges for it. Again some of the other apps are paid at a later stage even though it may be free in the beginning.

Initial Specs of Vidmate -

There is a good download speed in this app. Of course, it is the internet speed that defines the rate at which download happens but this app has no bottlenecks or chokes in it.

The search and navigation facility is very much easy and it is just similar to any normal browsing search engine. the user can write the name of the video which they want to download and all similar options will be displayed. Even keyword based searching is possible.

It is an Android specific app and every version starting from 2.1 and above is compatible with Vidmate from every single download.

The app is owned by one of the biggest internet technology companies of the world namely Alibaba Group. This makes it an app on which a lot of developmental effort has been put.

There are about 20 different platforms through which different MP3 files can be downloaded. In the VidMat app, it is also possible to add a secondary video portal that does not interfere on the main interface.

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